• 15th Rio Symposium on Atomic Spectrometry
  • Congreso Argentino de Gastroenterología y Endospica Digestiva
  • XXII Congreso Argentino de Kinesiología y Fisioterapia
  • Conferencia JCI de las Américas 2019
  • II Jornadas Argentinas de Laringología, Voz y Deglución
  • VII Jornadas Andinas de Especialidades Médicas Integradas
  • Congreso Internacional de Seguridad
  • 8ta. Exposición de Vinos de Alta Gama InterContinental Wine Expo. Acreditaciones
  • II Congreso Provincial de Emprendedores
  • XVIII Congreso Argentino de Educación Médica
  • XV Reunión Plenaria de Contratistas Forrajeros
  • I Curso de Cirugía Endoscópica y Vino
  • 2° Encuentro Sudamericano del Seguro - 6° Edición del Foro Nacional del Seguro - Cuyo 2018
  • 14° Reunión de Ceremonial Nacional
  • XXXII Congreso Nacional de Cardiología de la Federación Argentina de Cardiología
  • IX Congreso Argentino de Presas y Aprovechamientos Hídrico
  • Maratón Internacional Mendoza 2018 (Turismo)
Social Events
Since 1997, we have been devoted to organizing congresses and possess vast experience in the area of social activities carrying out study and planning tasks as a “Wedding Planner”.

You can therefore trust your Social Event to us with the certainty that our adaptation capacity will make it possible to enjoy it and to shine in everything as we take care of every detail.   How do we organize your Social Event? To organize a Social Event we start by clearly defining basic issues such as the most convenient type of action, to whom it is directed, the goals to be achieved, the ideal date, and the right budget for you. Once the type of Social Event has been defined, the preparation phase starts, which includes all the actions that need to be performed before the event in question to ensure its success, assisting you from beginning to end. This is the most costly phase because we coordinate very different activities. The list of items to take into account when it comes to organizing a certain event depends directly on the type of event.
Among others, we might mention some basic activities: Preparing guest list
  • Preparing tailor-made budget
  • Sending invitations
  • Renting venue
  • Following up invitations and confirming attendance
  • Choosing catering company
  • Hiring music
  • Choosing confetti for party according to musical selection
  • Preparing and counseling on video script
  • Decorating venue
  • Renting equipment (microphones and stand, telephones, cell phones projectors, etc).
  • Purchasing souvenirs for guests
  • Hiring temporary staff, baby sitters and/or interpreters
  • Music shows and surprises

As you may see, the list of actions to perform is long, and for everything to run smoothly and be perfect, count on us for your Social Event. Contact us for a free budget.